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Welcome to the pathway of professional growth and development in New Zealand through the Occupational Registration Visitor Visa. This visa is tailored for individuals who aspire to acquire New Zealand occupational registration, whether they are seeking entry to the country expressly for this purpose or are already in New Zealand, having applied for residence and requiring additional time to complete the registration process.

The Occupational Registration Visitor Visa offers the opportunity to come to New Zealand or extend your stay in the country specifically for the purpose of obtaining occupational registration. This targeted visa ensures that individuals, aged 18 years or older, can engage in the necessary training and procedures essential for securing their New Zealand occupational registration.

It's crucial to note that any training undertaken as part of the occupational registration process must be completed within a timeframe of less than 3 months. This ensures efficiency and adherence to the requirements set forth by the New Zealand authorities.

Whether you are a prospective professional eager to embark on a new chapter in your career or an applicant already on the path to residence, the Occupational Registration Visitor Visa provides a flexible and accommodating framework for your journey in New Zealand, fostering a conducive environment for skill enhancement and professional recognition. Inquire now so we can assist you with your application.

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