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The Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa, a specialized pathway tailored for individuals engaged in the essential realm of care work who aspire to establish themselves in New Zealand. This visa is uniquely crafted for those presently employed by or with a job offer from an accredited employer, fostering a community of skilled professionals dedicated to the care workforce.


Visa Details:

This visa is tailored for individuals with a minimum of 24 months of experience in a care workforce role and who meet the specified criteria. It offers the prospect of living, working, and studying in New Zealand. Moreover, applicants have the privilege of including their partner and dependent children aged 24 or younger in the visa application, promoting family unity as they embark on a new chapter in New Zealand.


With this visa, you can:

Experience the freedom to live, work, and study in New Zealand. The inclusivity of this visa extends to your partner and dependent children aged 24 or younger, allowing for a comprehensive family relocation.


Things to Note:

Before proceeding with the application, it is imperative to consider several key aspects:


At the time of application, applicants must either be currently employed by an accredited employer or possess a job offer from one. Employment conditions dictate that it should be full-time, with a contractual commitment of at least 12 months. A prerequisite for eligibility is a minimum of 24 months of work experience in a care workforce role in New Zealand, with compensation meeting or exceeding the level 4 support workers’ minimum wage. For those whose partners or children hold visas for studying, working, or visiting based on their relationship, inclusion in the primary applicant's application is mandatory.


Embark on this transformative journey to secure your future in New Zealand, leveraging your skills and commitment to the pivotal field of care work. This visa not only opens avenues for professional growth but also provides an opportunity for your family to join you on this enriching adventure.

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